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So where do we start? Well it has to be with London 2012 which Im sure you will all agree has been an absolutely fantastic few weeks showcasing a variety of sportsmen and women achieving some wonderful feats. Whether you enjoyed the fantastic Mo Farrah winning the Long Distance double, Jess Ennis proving shes the best all round female athlete in the world, Sir Chris Hoy motoring round the Velodrome or the outstanding achievements of Paralympic stars like David Wier and Ellie Symmonds, these games really had something for everyone. However, as a nation it would now be easy to become complacent and remember the Games solely for the Summer of sport they provided. Instead we must now look at creating a sporting legacy both locally and nationally from this wonderful time. Many of you as teachers, and myself as an SGO find ourselves at the forefront of this effort and it is absolutely crucial that we continue to provide sporting opportunities for the districts young people. When medallists at London 2012 were recounting their first sporting experiences, many mentioned school clubs and teachers who were pivotal in helping them take their first steps on the road to glory. The importance of school sport should never be underestimated and throughout the years ahead, together we can continue to motivate and enthuse potential sporting stars.

This academic year will see as many sporting competitions and festivals on offer as last year and as ever I urge you to enter as many events as you can. These events can be the first time a child has tried a new sport, and with the excellent school club links we have in the area, there are often further opportunities for pupils to experience a new activity in extra curricular hours.

2012 saw the Kent School Games Finals taking place. The games are a culmination of local heats and trials from events across the county and those schools which represented Dover and Deal should be immensely proud of their efforts.

As the Kent School Games only runs every two years, 2013 will see the return of the similarly biannual East Kent Games. The structure for most of the sports from last year will remain the same, but exact formats will be confirmed in due course. The calendar is also taking shape and this will be completed in September.

I am looking forward to another successful year ahead and hope to see you all somewhere along the way. This is a massive opportunity for School Sport in this country and together we should grasp it firmly with both hands.

Matt Cinelli School Games Organiser

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